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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Endoresment Letter for Jeff Liotta, Elmbrook School Board

The following is a letter  sent out (email) on behalf of Jeff Liotta, candidate for April 1, 2014 Elmbrook School Board election, by Brookfield resident Libby Wistrom. Emphasis hers

"Dear Friends and Neighbors,

"I urge you to elect Jeffrey Liotta to the Elmbrook Schools' Board of Education representing Area III on April 1st.   I believe that now - more than ever - we need a candidate who is dedicated to local control of education. Jeff Liotta is that candidate.  We need a candidate who will resist pressures from the State Superintendent to impose on our students programs devised by Washington lobbyists and politicians.  Jeff Liotta is that candidate.  We need a candidate who will protect our right as a community to determine what standards our children should aspire to, and how we will measure their success.  Jeff Liotta is that candidate.  We need a candidate who will ensure diligent oversight of curriculum development, and fiscal responsibility to taxpayers.  Jeff Liotta is that candidate.  Finally, we need a candidate who possess a clear understanding of the legal obligations a school board member has as an elected representative.  Jeff Liotta is that candidate.
"Please elect Jeffrey Liotta on April 1st.

"Libby Wistrom

"Jeffrey J. Liotta

  • Local control and supervision of curriculum development
  • Focused on life-long learning skills and scholastic achievement
  • Diligent board oversight of administrative and teaching staff
  • Fiscal accountability to the taxpayers
  • Responsiveness to the electorate
  • Former Elmbrook School District board member and officer
  • Distinguished attorney
  • Proud parent of two children enrolled in the Elmbrook Schools
  • Graduate of the Elmbrook schools

"For more information, contact Jeff at"

End of email

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