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Friday, July 28, 2006

We are not alone!

Anyone see the July 22nd, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article last week, “The grass roots are organizing to save their places from sprawl” by James Rowen? The article highlighted different development projects throughout the southeast part of our state that local residents are less than thrilled about.

One of the groups mentioned in the article is the very organized Highway J Citizens Group .

This Sunday, July 30th, the Highway J group is asking that residents attend a 6pm Citizen Rally at the Town of Richfield’s Town Hall (4128 Hubertus Road—about one mile east of the Highway 164 intersection) prior to Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner’s 7pm Town Hall meeting. They are hoping this rally will put “strong political pressure on” the congressman to take the issues of Hwy 164 expansion and contaminated groundwater seriously.

Bob Collison, 98th State Assembly candidate, will address the citizens rally about various issues including the Hwy 164 four-lane expansion. They are expecting other elected representatives, candidates, conservationists and watchdog groups to be there as well. Come if you can.

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