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Monday, June 19, 2006

Two important meetings: Public Survey Results & Calhoun Road Open House

Summer vacation time is here—at least for those who mark the seasons by children’s school schedules. Unfortunately, there is no summer vacation from city politics! We must remain ever vigilant.

Tuesday night, 7:15pm, at City Hall, Common Council Chambers, Community/Citizen Survey results presentation. Agenda Will the survey results ring true to what you believe are the important issues in our community? Come and hear what they have to say.

Wednesday evening, 5:30 – 8:00pm, Safety Building, CALHOUN ROAD SOUTH PUBLIC INFORMATION OPEN HOUSE. PLEASE COME AND SUPPORT YOUR FELLOW BROOKFIELD CITIZENS and PROTECT YOUR WALLET. Stop in, view the realistic renderings of the Engineering Department’s proposed wider Calhoun Road, and MOST IMPORTANTLY—SUBMIT YOUR WRITTEN COMMENTS! This may be a south side issue, but YOUR tax dollars will pay for it regardless of the road’s location.

District 6 Aldermen Chris Blackburn, Jerry Mellone and District 7 Alderman Lisa Mellone believe the size, scope and price tag of this project are way out of line. Jerry Mellone prepared a complete report about the problems concerning the project. Chris Blackburn is requesting that those who prepared and approved the traffic survey results be accountable for the discrepancies. The traffic counts are already about 3,000 less than projected. Blackburn is also asking that a new traffic count be taken after Brookfield Road becomes a through street to Greenfield Avenue because it will divert traffic from Calhoun Rd.

Alderman Lisa Mellone stated at the last Public Works Board meeting that there were too many discrepancies and unanswered questions to approve of the project in its present form.

This project, like all projects, is a result of a study. The study then fuels the need. The cost invested in the studies and planning then serve as justification for going forward with the project regardless if the project is needed. This process happens all the time and becomes the proverbial tail wagging the dog. To me, the amount of money spent on perusing an unneeded solution shouldn’t justify going forward.

In the case of this Calhoun Road project, we already know the original study was horribly flawed. Engineering admitted it is incorrect, but is reluctant to correct the study. Tom Gisa stated at the last PWB meeting that the direction or scope of the project could be changed at any time, but that those changes carried consequences since all of this planning carries a price tag. Blackburn is urging that these studies be corrected, “Since funds are continually being expended on this project, every delay in resolving this matter has the potential of wasting taxpayer’s money pursuing the wrong plan.”

This measure will come before the Common Council. It is not too early to contact all of the aldermen and urge them to scale back this project.
Dan Sutton
Rick Owen
Bob Reddin
James Garvens
Steve Ponto
Mark Nelson
Gary Mahkorn
Jerry Mellone
Chris Blackburn
Mike Franz

Mayor Jeff Speaker,
Engineering: Tom Grisa,

Public Works Board Members:
Rick Owen – Chairman
Ald. Steve Ponto
Ald. Mark Nelson
Ald. Christopher Blackburn
Ald. Lisa Mellone
Ald. Scott Berg, aldermanic alternate

Brookhollow condo project will be on the next Plan Commission agenda. Monday, June 26
Contact the Plan Commission (listed at end of Brookhollow posting) and voice your opinion.
Elmbrook Schools Annual Meeting, Dixon Elementary School, just north of North Ave on Pilgrim Rd. Budget Hearing 7pm, Annual Meeting, 8pm.
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