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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Don't despair; the Kinsey Park playground IS really coming!

For Kinsey Park area residents, it seems the new playground will never be finished. But don't despair--the Parks & Rec. Dept. still hopes to have it finished before summer starts.

I did contact Director of Parks & Rec. Bill Kolstad, and he confirmed our suspicions about the delay: too much rain which lead to too much grass mowing. (Can we all sympathize?) The same crew that mows city property, medians, and parks is the same group working on installing new park equipment. The extra summer seasonal staff is now on board, which should free up the playground installation crew.

This is the timetable from Bill Kolstad: "The playground structure is just about finished and our intent is to install the refurbished merry-go-round this week. In addition, we are aniticipating delivery of surfacing materials within the week which would be installed ASAP. We should be on track with work schedules and available resources to hopefully complete the project within the next two weeks (weather permitting). That is our objective and we are focusing our efforts in that direction."

So, the goal is to have it finished in about 2 weeks! Many will be pleased to note that the merry-go-round will be returning--there was a lot of interest in that particular piece of equipment.

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