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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Phew! They were not talking about Brookfield

I awoke this morning to the radio talk show guys saying, the city will use eminent domain to purchase the Burleigh triangle property and turn it into luxury condos. At first I thought they were speaking of the quadrangle at 124th and Lisbon. But as I listened I realized it was Wauwatosa who was wielding the eminent domain sword--not Brookfield. The property Tosa is thinking of taking belongs to Roundy's.

Last year when Cindy Kilkenny tried to get legislation passed in Brookfield to prevent this type of eminent domain use in our city, the Legislative & Licensing Committee happily passed the buck to the state. They reasoned that the state was already working on some sort of restrictive legislation so why should they bother enacting legislation for Brookfield? Well, the state legislation only protects owner occupied property; it does nothing to protect commercial property.

As I understand the deal, Roundy's is asking more money for their property than the buyer is willing to pay. Wauwatosa would like the property sold to this buyer, so they are thinking of using eminent domain to force the sale--they want a higher property tax producer on that piece of land. What will that higher property tax producer be? Luxury condominiums.

Tax revenue from luxury condominiums may sound like a money maker to Wauwatosa, but have they really figured in the total impact to their taxpayers? Condominiums require extra sewer, water, police, and fire services, not to mention the extra burden to the school systems.

The bigger picture aspect of this deal is, isn't it Roundy's right to sell for the price they want?

Another too close to home for comfort issue in today's MJS is the news of a possible TIF district in Butler. There the village is "still trying to land a new development for a 4-acre property it owns" at 124th and Arden. If a buyer is found for the parcel, it "would help complete a tax incremental financing district created to spur revitalization of the village's southeast side," the article reported.

So we have possible TIF and eminent domain use right on our north and east borders. Glad it isn't within our borders! and
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