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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Water--a resource we can no longer take for granted

During this past year there were maybe 10 articles concerning water use for Waukesha County. Today's MJS article, Saving water high on county agenda, deals with sprinkling regulations. The problem is greater than, what day can I water my lawn on!

Since Brookfield is having trouble locating enough high output, good quality wells*, I believe we need to be very careful about what types of development we approve for our community.

During the mayoral debates, Kilkenny pointed out that restaurants are one of the higher water using developments. The plan commission and common council just approved the zoning changes at Brookfield Square that would permit the addition of new restaurants. It does not appear that they understand the gravity of the situation.

If VK brings forth a plan for a hotel or more restaurants for the Ruby Farm Property, are the mayor and the pro-development council members going to blindly approve those too--without consideration of the consequences to the remaining community?

I ask, are we going to wait until it becomes a crisis for our city--requiring expensive solutions, or are we going to act in a proactive way and avoid approving more and more water wasting developments?

*Brookfield's higher flow rate wells come from a deeper water table. Unfortunately, this layer contains naturally occurring radium, above allowed EPA levels.


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