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Monday, April 03, 2006

The mayor's own words

The election is Tuesday. Voters will go to the polls and select the next mayor. Their choice will determine if our city becomes more urban as the trend has been, or if it clings to the City in the countryside atmosphere that drew so many of us here.

If you have been reading this blog or have received my Suburb Savers emails, you know where I stand on these issues. I favor the "country" suburban atmosphere.

Cindy Kilkenny has done an excellent job in providing the voter with specific information on where she stands and what she plans for Brookfield's future. She has also been very upfront about her stance on not accepting developer money as a campaign contribution.

Specific information is rather hard to find from the mayor, however. He has only given us generalities about his accomplishments, such as holding taxes in check and that he has protected and improved neighborhoods. He also claims that the numerous donations to his campaign from developers have not influenced his decisions about development approvals. (Please note: I do not believe that he has benefitted personally from these developer donations. But, I do believe that being courted by the wealthy and powerful developers seeking approval for their projects can be a very seductive force.)

The fact is, tax rate figures indicate that our taxes have not been held in check; they are up 7% above the rate of inflation. (Look at your tax bills from the last 4 years.)

As for his protecting and improving neighborhoods, these are some of the notes I took from his conclusion of the second debate:

1. I know I've made some of you angry...but when you are placed into this position (you have to make certain decisions.)
2. Many of you might not believe I hear you. I've heard that I don't listen. Once I have the facts, (I make up my mind).
3. Some of you are not happy with the answers...I'm sorry, (I had to).
4. Some look at me as if I am a terrible person for the decisions I made.
5. I won't appolgize for the decisions I have made.

He went on and ended with, the decision is yours April 4th. It was rather an odd finale for a debate.

I don't know about you, but I don't think these are the comments of a mayor who is protecting and improving neighborhoods!

Channel 12 news had both candidates on the 10 o'clock news last week. The main thrust of the interview was development and Brookfield being at a crossroads--turn left and we become more urban, turn right and we remaing a suburb.

The mayor started the interview with, I believe I have done a good enough job to get reelected. Now, every mayor, if they are worth their weight in gold or whatever, is going to have people that don't agree with them.

Kilkenny made the point about campaign donations coming in and that same developer's plan landing on the plan commission agenda shortly after, and how we need to protect our remaining greenspace.

The mayor then commented about taking donations, Public safety is not an over paid profession in any way. Will I accept money from developers? You betcha. But I always keep in mind one thing: I know who I am representing, it is the citizens of Brookfield.

I'll take their money, because that money will help me get my message out to the citizens. It will let them see what I know and how I view things. Will I take their money? Absolutely.

Mike Anderson then asks, What do these developers get from you?

A "Thank you" the mayor says. (Actually, I think it is the mayor who gets the thank you. Only one project that I can think of did not pass the plan commission and council.)

He was right about one thing--the decision is up to the voters on April 4th!

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