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Monday, March 20, 2006

Great Freeman article today - Finally on the issues! If he can't control where we are, who can?

Linda McAlpine wrote a great article contrasting the views of the two mayoral candidates. Read it for yourself at the library or purchase a copy. (Because of copyright laws, I cannot post it.)

Speaker sizes our city's situation up like this: " 'Brookfield is in an urban, suburban setting,' said Speaker, who is seeking a second term as mayor. 'We can't control where we are. We're part of a growing region. It's tough sometimes because not everyone likes or wants change, but I do think we need to be prepared for it,' Speaker said. 'The mayor's job is to make it so that it isn't too unbearable for the citizens.' "

Kilkenny sees our situation as, " 'I think we are at a crossroads. If we turn left, we'll become urban. Turn right, and we'll be a suburb.' 'I don't see the need for Brookfield to be an urban center with a stand-alone economy,' 'The city is in transition. It used to be totally suburban, almost rural. I'd like to see it be a trend-setting suburb, where we are setting the standard for other suburbs,' she said. "

The mayor's position is really a passive, our suburb is turning into a city, what can you do? stance. He is just trying to make it "not too unbearable" for us! Not too unbearable? Does that mean that unbearable is ok, just not too unbearable?

Kilkenny correctly identifies the role of the mayor, "she thinks city residents 'should understand that the next mayor will set the fate of Brookfield.' 'The mayor, as chairman of the city's plan commission, sets the agenda and basically controls development in Brookfield,' she said", in the Freeman article.

This lack of leadership is what has lead us to the place we are today. We are in a tail wagging the dog scenario of 'We can't control where we are". That statement is where the problem lies; the mayor is the one in control, he just doesn't use the control he has! Developers and the City's Community Development Authority have been leading our city down this urban path. That is one reason people are so upset that the mayor is accepting all those development related donations.

The mayor is in charge of setting the agenda of the plan commission and he controls the budget for the city. To say that he is helpless to change or regulate what our city does shows his lack of understanding of his position as mayor. The mayor in effect is the CEO of the multi-million dollar corporation (our city). CEOs LEAD their companies to seek out beneficial changes and opportunities that will enhance their corporations and increase their efficiency. Stockholders will settle for nothing less.

We shouldn't either.

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