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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Now, that was inspiring

Did you get your spring newsletter from the city yet?

The cover page always contains a message from the mayor. This edition was no different, but what struck me was the content of that letter.

Basically, it had 4 paragraphs and a post script.
  • Paragraph 1 - chatter about the weather turning mild
  • Paragraph 2 - announcement of the Farmers Market opening in 2 months
  • Paragraph 3 - announcement that computer recycling has returned to the recycling center
  • Paragraph 4 - closing statement telling of what is inside: needed information, hydrant flushing, and additional activities.
  • Post Script - he tells us to disregard the first paragraph!

Now, wasn't that inspiring? All the leader of our community has to say is that it is cold and snowy, the farmers market will open in 2 months, you can recycle your computer at the dump, and inside you will find the hydrant flushing and activity schedules? Oh, and forget the first paragraph because now it is snowing again.

The information did not even fill the space. That is all our leader has to tell us? These newletters are very expensive; this is not worth the paper it is printed on (not to mention postage).

If you received a stock report with that message on it, wouldn't you be wondering what kind of CEO your company had?

The mayor is in effect the CEO of our city, which is a multi-million dollar entity. Stockholders (in our case taxpayers) usually demand that their CEO be an able leader with vision.

Brookfield should expect no less from its leader.

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