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Monday, February 20, 2006

It's PRIMARY time: 20-25% voter turn out expected

Tuesday is primary election day in Brookfield and the sub-freezing temperatures are not making campaigning easy for the candidates on the ballot! The MJS_Weblog shed some light on how the three mayoral candidates are spending their last days before voters head to the poles.

Speaker was going door to door "but quit because he didn't want residents to question his sanity campaigning in below freezing temps. 'I think I was losing votes more than getting them,' Speaker joked. 'I didn't want residents to ask 'Do we really want this lunatic running our city?' ", the Journal reported.

The MJS weblog also reported that Schellinger is spending over $2,600 on automated phone calls and post-it-notes alone, and that he is still out door knocking, cold weather or no cold weather. Schellinger just started his own website, . (His flier/postage costs must be high too since we received "his" and "hers" campaign fliers!)

Kilkenny said she was "working strategically". If you recall she said she would be running a more frugal campaign, especially since she is not accepting any developer money donations. She is getting her message out though with her 2 websites: the more informal Campaign_updates and her platform . She has been meeting with voters at neighborhood coffees and the Kinsey Park question and answer "forum". Her more grassroots style campaign has been distributing fliers as well.


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