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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Mayor leads fund raising. $750 of his total was from 3 VK Development Corp. executives

The mayor is the leader this time in fundraising, gaining $4,525 and spending $824. Kilkenny raised $1,322 and spent $750, followed by Schellinger the big spender, who raised $300 and spent $5,479 according to MJS_ARTICLE .

The article stated that there were a number of "development-related contributions" included in the mayor's totals. I would be very curious to see how many?

Two contributions made by CBL executives (Brookfield Square) during the first half of 2005 were included in the last half of 2005's report. I believe these were for $250 each.

The Journal also reported that Speaker's campaign made a $100 donation to Bucher's campaign for Attorney General. If you remember, "Bucher's office is reviewing whether Speaker violated state campaign finance laws by accepting excessive contributions in 2002", according to the MJS article. This case has now been turned over to prosecutor Jennifer Dorow. The MJS_BLOG_POST reported that she would hope "to make a decision in a 'couple weeks,' possibly before the Feb. 21 primary election." The primary is only 5 days away. Will we see any decision on this before then?


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