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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Oh goodie! More traffic, water guzzling restaurants, and another specialty grocer just a mile from another!

In a community that already experiences grid-lock on Bluemound and Moorland Roads and is looking for high flow-rate good quality wells, our Plan Commission votes unanimously to approve more traffic producing & high water/sewer utility using development. Does this make sense?

MJS_article The Journal reported that the commission approved another 22,500 square foot grocer, Fresh Market, for the corner of Bluemound and the west entrance to the mall (Boston Store corner). Can you picture that? Sounds crowded. Don't forget to add the 2 new restaurants on the Moorland and Bluemound corner too. The third store in that corner development is still on hold because the Organized Living that was to have gone in there filed for bankruptcy.

I question why we are approving such a similar grocery store to V. Richard's already in the immediate area. Remember, the Century Centre Pick and Save is nearly ready for business at Greenfield and Moorland/Vista View. How many grocery stores do they think we can support? (I know it is not the commission's job to dictate what type of business a developer can bring forward, but was any attempt made to suggest an alternative? A grocery store is larger than a restaurant. It seems out of proportion to the site.)

I question why we are adding so many traffic producers to the area. Fountain Square's multi-family housing isn't built yet and now we are adding more? How about a traffic study? Why is the future "traffic" on Calhoun Road such a problem and real traffic on Bluemound and Moorland is ignored?

How do the Mayoral Candidates stack up on this one? Well,I would think the mayor is in favor--after all it made it to the plan commission. Tom Schellinger voted for the original corner addition last spring. When I expressed my concerns to him about adding more traffic to the area, his reply was, you should see the traffic in Europe! (I don't choose to live in Europe, I chose to live in Brookfield.) Cindy Kilkenny voted against the Mall corner addition. She said we need a traffic study before adding more development to the area.


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