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Thursday, February 16, 2006

"Better-Outcomes" candidate information now available

Charles Stanfield, who is a 6th district resident, is taking the upcoming aldermanic and mayoral races very seriously. He sent each candidate a questionnaire. All three 6th district aldermen answered, but so far the only mayoral candidate to answer is Cindy Kilkenny.

The MJS_BLOG_POST reported that, "Incumbent Mayor Jeff Speaker and Ald. Tom Schellinger declined repeated requests to participate, said the group's spokesman, Charles Stanfield." (Hmm, that sounds familiar.)

Mr. Stanfield had planned to post these answers on a website, but so far it is not active. The Journal blog page did provide a link to the questions and answers though, so you may read through the candidate's responses. "The candidates questions and answers can be viewed in pdf format:6th District Candidates Mayoral Candidates"

I do not know if Steinberg or Heinrich have websites, but Mellone does, Neither Speaker nor Schellinger have websites that I am aware of; Kilkenny's is,

Update: Someone emailed me that Schellinger now has a website, (This is his website for mayor, not alderman or county supervisor.)

Please take the time to research and evaluate the candidates positions. For example: if a candidate says they are for strong neighborhoods, look at that candidate's record. Does their past performance indicate that they value neighborhood's opinions?


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