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Friday, March 10, 2006

I am tempted to write this, but would the Brookfield News edit it?

Thursday's Brookfield News public forum section contained 1 letter endorsing the current mayor, touting the many things this mayor has done for us like: 24 hour access to a live person (calls to City Hall now are forwarded to the Police Dept.) and TIF #3 which will give us NO tax relief for an estimated 20 years. He is happy with these great accomplishments. His letter closed with the inference that those who opposed him were just the "well organized and vocal minority".

I have to ask, would that be the same vocal minority who opposed the Swanson Swap?

I would submit that brief question to the Brookfield News Public Forum, but wonder if they might edit it!

Yesterday I encouraged you to write a letter to the Public Forum section, but be aware that many times the content is EDITED OUT. David Schmidt's letter was shortened by one paragraph, the most important paragraph to his letter.

If the paper is going to edit so heavily, then the letters cease to be the voice of the reader and become the paper's own editorial.

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