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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The essence of the mayor's race: Nice guy vs Substance? (Revised)

An unscientific exit poll of 40 voters was conducted at last week's primary by Lisa Sink. The results of the poll were "similar to the final vote" tally. She reported her findings: those who voted for Speaker said they did so because of his likeability factor, while those who voted for Kilkenny chose her based on the issues.

Speaker supporters did not cite "any specific thing Speaker has done as mayor or has pledged to do in a second term that they support. Their responses to the question of who they voted for and why were short, with most saying simply that Speaker has 'done a good job.' ", the MJS reported.

Kilkenny votes were cast by people who gave specific, longer, more detailed reasons as to why they chose her. The web-log stated, "They listed concerns with development, traffic, road widenings and a changing character of the city."

I think the quote from one couple was the most telling, she and her husband " 'were going to vote for Speaker and then we saw' Kilkenny's small booklet detailing her stances on issues. 'She impressed me' ".

Speaker does have that likeable, nice guy image; why, he even visits the senior center most days for his "sanity walk". When Kilkenny announced her candidacy on Jan. 13, 2005 in the Brookfield News, she acknowledged that image, "I'm running against a very likeable opponent. Jeff's a nice guy."

The exit poll revealed that Kilkenny is about issues and information; she is running a campaign of information.

Kilkenny went on to say in that Jan. 2005 article, "I'm completely aggravated by Brookfield's development position. And the only person who gets to act as gatekeeper is the mayor. He's the chairman of the Plan Commission, and as the chairman of the Plan Commission, he helps set the Plan Commission agenda." The mayor is at the helm; the development we see represents his voting record.

Speaker is running on his nice guy image, not on the issues or information. He chose not to attend a candidate forum nor did he fill out the Better Outcomes questionnaire. If you have not been following any of the issues--VK's Capitol Heights, VK's Swanson Swap, The Shire, TIF #3, or the Calhoun Rd. south expansion--how would you know what his record and platform is?

Since his supporters did not state "any specific thing Speaker has done as mayor or has pledged to do in a second term that they support", I would say he is running on his persona while his platform remains rather vague.

I was brought up to believe that actions speak louder than words. Nice guys should do nice things.

VK's overly--dense Capitol Heights was not a nice development. The Shire, potentially Brookfield's own Love Canal, is located adjacent to a toxic landfill. The Shire was neither nice nor wise. Forcing the taxpayers to finance the developer's infrastructure and profits in TIF #3 was not nice. The additional traffic generated by this additional development is not nice either. It isn't nice to parade the traffic from Brookhollow's 80 condo units through a quiet subdivision. Lastly, it's not nice to charge taxpayers for unnecessary widening costs on Calhoun Rd. south to prepare for VK's future development at the Ruby/WTMJ property.

Most people in the neighborhoods that Kilkenny has supported and assisted in their battles against these unwanted developments would agree, Kilkenny is a likeable, nice gal with substance!


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