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Friday, March 17, 2006

MJS Online Forum, a novel idea

Last night was the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel online forum. A moderator asked the questions, the usual taxes, development, and consensus questions, then candidates Kilkenny and Speaker typed the answers. They also could ask each other questions.

Both versions appear online: the original transcript and the Lisa Sink article based on that transcript.

The section concerning voter support was interesting. The following is quoted from the Lisa Sink article.

"'There's one thing I won't do,' Kilkenny said. 'I won't move into the inner circle and dump the voters that brought me to the dance.' "

"Kilkenny has accused Speaker of straying from the grass-roots support that in 2002 led Speaker, then a police officer, to defeat a City Hall insider, veteran Ald. Mike Jakus."

"Some residents who said they voted for Speaker in 2002 say they are backing Kilkenny this time because she is more closely following neighborhood wishes."

"Speaker has said he is the 'same Jeff' as always and has remained true to his desire to do what's best for city residents."

How did you vote last time?

I voted for Speaker in the last election, because I wanted a change from the Bloomberg "brickfield" or "Vincefield" perception.

Seems like we really didn't have a choice last time; this time we do!

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