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Friday, March 17, 2006

Brookfield News Public Forum: 7 pro Kilkenny letters - how many were edited?

There was a treasure-trove of pro Kilkenny and pro Kilkenny message letters in the March 16th edition of the Brookfield News. Seems like people from all over the city wrote promoting their candidate of choice.

Jerry Mellone - district 6 received a letter of endorsement from a resident; district 7 candidate, Lisa Mellone had 2. County Supervisor Barbara Roncke received one too.

Check out the letter written by Alderman Chris Blackburn. His letter accurately summed up 2 misconceptions: development always saves taxpayers money and TIF districts are good for taxpayers. This happens to be the same thing Kilkenny (and many of us) have been saying for years.

The newly approved district 6 condo project is a good example of how development doesn't always pay its way. The council approved it even though the city would be putting in the cul-de-sac. Too bad we don't get that same deal when we put in our driveways!

Speaker only received one support letter, and it was from Alderman Rick Owen. There also was a letter criticizing Owen for being pro-development.

Jim Heinrich received one support letter from Alderman Gary Mahkorn

The 9 council members endorsement of the mayor did not sit well with one resident, and another suggested the mayor "Just say, 'No thank you'" to developer donations.

There was a great letter commenting about the council endorsements of the mayor (this would apply to aldermen endorsing aldermen too). It gave the definintion of the "Old-boy network (old boi) n. - An informal, exclusive system of mutual assistance and friendship through which men belong to a particular group exchange favors and connection, as in politics or business."

By the way, my letter endorsing Lisa Mellone was edited, which makes me wonder how many others were too. I doesn't seem space is the problem, since there again was a letter submitted from Elm Grove endorsing a village trustee. (Elm Grove has their own paper.)

Pick up a copy and see for yourself.

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