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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Do endorsers really believe what they say?

Seems like many "officials" are jumping on the endorsement bandwagon for Brookfield’s upcoming mayoral election.

I received a letter from Senator Ted Kanavas, endorsing Ann Nischke for mayor of Waukesha. His reasons? “Your state government is filled with elected officials who are quick to forget who’s the boss…it’s you, the taxpayer. I’ve always believed that my job was clearly defined by the taxpayers, and that’s to hold the line on government spending. Whether it be big spending liberals, or well funded special interests, I believe the hard work of protecting the taxpayer is never-ending.”

He went on to state how “there is only one candidate that shares my belief that the taxpayers are the boss, and that the number one job of an elected official is to hold the line on taxes.” He states that he and Ann have, “fought the liberal spenders and special interests that infest government. While it may sound simple, Ann truly understands that government should work for the taxpayers,”

Kanavas then cites the increase in property taxes as another reason to vote for Ann. He chides the opponent as being "against anything placing the taxpayers first and big-spending special interests second. That is not what the City of Waukesha needs." (Brookfield either)

With all that he said, I expected to see Ted Kanavas endorse Cindy Kilkenny for mayor of Brookfield. (Both of our mayoral candidates are members of the same political party, so it is not about partisanship.) Kilkenny has pointed out that our taxes have risen by 16% during the mayor’s term, and that is well above the 9% rate of inflation for our area. The mayor insists he has kept taxes low.

Cindy Kilkenny has refused developer donations to remove any possible connection of being swayed by special interest groups. The mayor doesn’t see the nearly $8,000 of development related donations as a conflict of interest at all. In fact he says, almost proudly, “Will I take their (developers) money? Absolutely.”

In an election, it all boils down to who the voters are endorsing. Judging from the Brookfield News letters to the editor from citizens in favor of Kilkenny vs the very few for the incumbent, I would say all these official endorsements are missing the mark.

Ted Kanavas endorsing our current mayor for the next 4 year term makes me wonder, does Ted really believe what he said in that letter about Ann Nischke about taxes and special interests? Or is something else afoot here?

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