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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Make time for Truth to get her boots on

Mark Twain said, "A good lie will have traveled half way around the world while the Truth is putting on her boots."

The misinformation campaign is in full swing and from all places, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. We all know what an expert team their editorial staff must have to consistently pick all those winners in elections, but what I am referring to is their negligence of reading their own papers!

They reported in that glowing endorsement of Speaker that one of the reasons they did not go with Kilkenny was because, "She also recently expressed interest in running for the state Assembly seat vacated by Scott Jensen, calling into question her commitment to city government."

Their reporter was at both debates where this subject came up, and Kilkenny made it very clear that her first priority was becoming mayor of Brookfield.

Speaker, incidentally, made it very clear that he was seeking no other office. Does that surprise us? He does not have a political science background, and because he was a police officer all those 17 years, he is nearly eligible for state retirement (the mayor's job is in the state retirement fund too.) He is also 9 years Kilkenny's senior. She is younger and is thinking more long term. She has 20 years before retirement, and I don't think anyone would expect her to be mayor for that entire time!

The paper is trying to paint her as being Shellinger-eske, running for every office available. But bear in mind that she did not run for both alderman and mayor as some often do. Why? Because her focus is only on becoming Brookfield's next mayor. She stated at the debate that IF elected as Brookfield's mayor, she would not seek any other office. I think that is pretty clear. She did not register to run for the Jensen seat either.

Their own blog posted that, "her 'first love' is for the mayor's seat, which she said would work better for her family given her daughter's remaining four years in high school.' I know the mayor's office is the best place for my skill set,' Kilkenny said.

'My first choice is to continue to earn the respect of Brookfield voters and be put in as mayor. But I honestly can say I won't rule it out,' Kilkenny said of a bid for state office. 'If I'm not successful in my bid for mayor, I will consider it,' Kilkenny said. 'But I am not thinking I'm going to have to worry about it'.

Pretty convenient to have the facts at your fingertips, or should I say printed in your OWN PAPER, and then infer something else that is less than the truth to promote the candidate that best fits your agenda.

I think there are laws against that sort of thing.

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