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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Get out the popcorn; watch a good movie.

Time to take a little break from it all. How about a good movie tonight?

May I suggest a few of my favorites:

"Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" We are all pretty familiar with this classic. The political outsider goes to Washington not realizing he is just a puppet in a corrupt scheme. Finally, he figures it out, that the machine was just using him, and he eventually puts things aright. The boy guides mount a grassroots effort to get the truth out. I think we all have a soft spot for this movie.

For the ladies, "Legally blonde" and "Legally blonde2" Yes, these two are just pure fluff. But if you happen to need a little comic relief from the political frenzy, they illustrate that to an idealist, one does not need to become part of the political machine to achieve success.

Sci-Fi lovers will enjoy "The Matrix" Just be aware that like Neo, those of us who choose the red pill, and see what is going on in our city for what it really is, will no longer be able to agree with the status quo here in Brookfield.

Lastly, "The Farmer's Daughter" This 1947 classic shows the darker side of campaigns. Loretta Young is the idealist in this film.

OK, I have had my fun. Enjoy your evening.

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