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Thursday, April 06, 2006

The seamier side of Brookfield politics

Everything is not as squeaky clean in Brookfield as we were led to believe. It appears the rumor mill was in full tilt prior to the mayoral election.

Where did those rumors come from? According to one Brookfield resident, some came from a Speaker fundraiser. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported on their weblog yesterday that a resident did indeed hear City plan commissioner Paul Wartman say that Kilkenny was bipolar. According to this witness, others at the event made similar statements about her mental stability. He included Alderman Gary Mahkorn in this group.

Can the mayor claim that he ran a clean campaign if this sort of thing was going on at his fundraiser? As I said before, I believe the candidate sets the tone for their campaign amongst his supporters and election team.

The article also said that these comments about Kilkenny's mental stability were the topic of discussion on blogs and local talk-radio shows. At the watch party for Kilkenny after the election I heard it was even an item of discussion amongst school classmates.

It seems it is pretty obvious this was not just an item of discussion at this one event. Time will tell what comes of all this. It is one thing to lose to an opponent fair and square; it is quite another to lose because of lies, rumors and innuendo.

Anyway, that is how I see it.


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