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Monday, April 10, 2006

The struggle continues: saving Ruby Farm and green space

The reality of April 4ths election is starting to sink in. The front page of the MJS Real Estate section pictures Curt and Judy Klade in front of Ruby Farm , or should I say VK's Farm. (We keep referring to it as Ruby Farm, but it belongs to VK now.)

The article stated that the Klade's, like other neighborhood residents, "view the farm as a neighborhood asset that shouldn't be pushed aside for more development. 'I think we're a little tired of losing all the green space in Brookfield,' he said."

The Klades were Speaker supporters for the 2002 election, but Kilkenny supporters for the 2006 election.

The grim reality of the situation is that we still have a mayor who does not see this type of green space as being an asset just as it is, and a land owner who only sees the former farm as an avenue to more wealth through more development. (I am sure the election results did not escape VK's notice.) Someone who lives in the area informed me that there seemed to be surveying activity going on at the VK Farm site.
VK has said that one of the reasons he is successful is that he is a patient man; he waits for the right time to act. He did not have to wait long.



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