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Monday, April 17, 2006

Don't miss the swearing in at 7:45pm

Tuesday, April 18th, 7:45pm, City Hall Council Chambers, marks the start of the new common council. The mayor, newly elected and re-elected (those who ran unopposed) aldermen will be sworn in by Judge Joseph Wall. While we may have been disappointed in the outcome of the mayor's race, let's not forget the benefit of electing 3 new aldermen who share the basic platform of slowing down development, saving taxpayer dollars, and being more responsive to citizen input.
Adding the 3 new common council members should make it easier for neighborhoods filing protest petitions to succeed in halting higher density rezoning proposals. (Neighborhoods only need 4 aldermen to vote against the rezoning to stop it in its tracks!)
There will be a public hearing for the McDonalds on Mooreland Rd. and the election of Council President as well. Click if you care to look at the agenda. and
Weed control links: garlic mustard and garlic mustard's pretty cousin, Dame's Rocket. (It can take over native areas too.) Garlic mustard should be thrown in the trash--do not compost!


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