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Monday, May 22, 2006

Need or want? Relocating the fire stations and remodeling the high schools

What does the city's proposed relocation of 2 fire stations have in common with the school board's proposed remodeling of 2 high schools?

THE TAXPAYERS FOOTING THE BILLS! And, neither city hall nor the school board seem to be trying to work out a less costly solution to their problems.
True, there is a need for fire service on the west side of town. But moving the existing 2 fire houses to Calhoun Rd. does not seem to be a practical solution to this problem.

There are improvements that need to be made at the high schools--Central High School in particular. But, why isn't the school administration looking to work out some of the problems without tapping the taxpayers to pay for their wants?

More about this later.

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