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Monday, June 12, 2006

Calhoun Road traffic counts do not add up

Please attend Tuesday's June 13th Public Works Board meeting (it should start around 7:30 pm? following the 7 pm Water/Sewer Boardmeetingg). Alderman Jerry Mellone will present additional information(#6 on the agenda) in an effort to scale back the expensive and expansive Calhoun Road south project. You may remember that the Common Council approved the current widening design plans (6-lanes/4-lanes) prior to the last April election. Jerry hopes his new information will lead to further reductions. Aldermen Chris Blackburn and Lisa Mellone have also been urging the project be reduced.

Jerry's in-depth report, available on his website, raises important questions concerning alternatives, environmental wetland issues, and inconsistent and exaggerated traffic studies. The traffic specialist Jerry consulted with pointed out that, "It was not a good business practice to have the (Traffic Impact) study conducted by the same road design engineer." That seems pretty obvious to us, but not to the Engineering Department in the City of Brookfield? From what I read on Jerry's website, this specialist is questioning what we have questioned all along: why do we need 4 lanes south of I-94? Traffic counts dowarrantrrent it. The report is a meaty one and includes pictures of the flooded wetlands and historic Ruby Farm. (As the plan stands now, Ruby Farm is in grave danger.) Please take the time to read through it and attend the PWB meeting to show your support.

Don't forget: next week there will be another open house style Public Information Meeting to preview the wider Calhoun Road south plans from 5:30 - 8pm at the Safety Building.
Remember, whether you live there or not, it is your tax dollars that pay for it!

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