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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Brookfield News comes out today, or is it the Tosa Times, Elm Leaves, or Pewaukee...?

Today the Brookfield News hits my mailbox. The question is, will it have any letters from actual Brookfield residents, or will there be only letters from surrounding communities.

Is the lack of Brookfield writers a sign of too much summer fun to bother writing to the paper? Or, is it a symptom of people's annoyance over their edited letters or letters being published under a pseudonym? Time will tell.

Anyway, I was not too pleased to see all those letters the other week submitted from numerous Tosa residents in support of their senate candidate. Tosa letters should stay in the Tosa Times. If I wanted a paper that would include a more regional slant, I wouldn't be a Brookfield News subscriber.

Hopefully, we are finished with the front page stories about local hair salons too. Something a little more meaty would be nice, like, why did my tax assessment go up $85,000?


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