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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

When did politics become so dirty? + P.S.

VanHollen’s win and the passage of the marriage amendment were the only bright spots from yesterday’s election results for me. In spite of the 1000’s of deceptive “vote no” phone calls made by “Fair Wisconsin”, the marriage amendment still passed. I thought I heard the Governor thank “Fair Wisconsin” last night, when he gave his acceptance speech. If he did, I think that says it all about his administration.

Reynold’s loss (by about 700 votes at the time I write this)* saddens me greatly. He was brave enough to go up against the Road Builders lobby. His loss sends the message to others in Madison “Don’t cross ‘em”.

The dirtiness of the spring and fall campaigns coupled with the obvious pay to play in Madison (local level too) is disheartening. Maybe when things get bad enough, people will finally start to pay attention. I can always hope.

P.S. I am so relieved. ;-) Now that the Democrats took over the congress, Nancy Pelosi pledged that her party wanted a return to civility between the parties. Guess that means they will no longer be referring to the President as stupid, a Nazi, or worse. This is good news--I am all for civility.

Many are saying that the Republicans need to move more to the center, but I think the opposite is needed. We already have enough RINOs to repopulate all of Africa! Did you see much fiscal difference between their spending and the Democrats these past 6 years? How about a new party: The REAGANITES!

*If you recall, the Reynolds, Sullivan race was deemed a tight race the night of the election. It was called for Sullivan, with him 700 or so ahead, at the time I posted that night, but not all the votes had been counted. All Politics Blog wrote: "With more than half the vote counted, the battle for the 5th Senate District remained too close to call, according to results from WTMJ-TV (Channel 4). Democratic challenger Jim Sullivan held a narrow lead, but incumbent GOP Sen. Tom Reynolds led earlier in the night. That west suburban seat is one of three that Democrats need to win to take control of the state Senate." The final vote tally was 36,148 Sullivan to 33,686 Reynolds, a 1.2% margin of 2,462 votes.

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