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Friday, October 13, 2006

Now, here is a shocker: the Plan Commission approved the Brookhollow Condominium Development

On Monday, Oct. 9, the Plan Commission approved the controversial Brookhollow Condominium project. The next step is for the project to go before the Common Council on Tuesday, Oct 17th, for final approval or, dare I hope, rejection? You may speak up about this project during the Public Comment session at the beginning of that Council meeting starting at 7:45pm.

Brookhollow, to me, represents all that is wrong with the development process in Brookfield. The zoning was changed from single family to also allow multi-family IF the property had its own access to Moorland Road. Because of some oversight, the phrase requiring Moorland access was not included into the minutes of the meeting. The result? That direct access requirement was not binding. All of that new condo traffic will now be using Hackberry Lane as their access road—the only way into and out of that entire neighborhood.

Alderman and Plan Commissioner Mark Nelson did request a decrease in the density. (From what I have seen, Mark Nelson frequently does have sympathy for the neighborhoods involved near proposed projects.) Of course, the developer, Thomson Corp. opposed that.

District 7 Alderman, Lisa Mellone, would like to hear from you prior to Tuesday’s meeting. (It is so refreshing to actually have an alderman INTERESTED in your opinions!) Please email her at

Contact the other aldermen too. They will be voting on the project on Tuesday.
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