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Friday, September 15, 2006

3 Fire stations all in a row. Really? A Want? A Need? Or just illogical?

Go back in time, say about 50 years. Imagine you are a city planner. Would you plan to place your only 3 fire stations all in a row, less than 3 miles apart in a city that is approximately 6 miles square? Dividing the distance between those fire stations would mean each station would service a strip 6 miles wide by less than 2 miles. The 6 minute or longer response times are still not eliminated. The cost is high.

I don’t think most city planners would lay out a city fire station plan that way. Ours did not over 50 years ago, but our city is planning that now.

This Tuesday, at the Common Council meeting, 7:45pm, the Fire Station Task Force will present their recommendations (rationale). They are proposing to relocate our two east side fire stations to move west to Calhoun Road. That means the east side is giving up their quicker response times for the westsiders. (I am not saying that the west side should suffer. I just do not see the logic in going through the expense--$5million?--of building 2 new stations only so the west side achieves better fire service at the expense of the east side’s faster response times. It still does not solve the longer than 6 min. response times.)

The Moorland Road fire station is currently in an excellent position to service Brookfield Square and all the retail/hotels nearby. Its location across from the I-94 entrance ramp allows prompt response times for freeway accidents. The new location on Calhoun and Greenfield would put district 7 residents closer to 124th street in the 6 minute or longer response time zone. The proposed Calhoun station location is less than 3 miles from the Safety Building and does not have I-94 access. (Remember, the city insists that the new Calhoun Road expressway bridge is INTERCHANGE NEUTRAL.)

Please attend this Tuesday’s council meeting. Hear what the task force has to say. Ask yourself it this makes sense. Also consider how many millions of dollar projects can the taxpayers afford?

Our alderman, Lisa Mellone, asks that we contact her and give her feedback on this topic so that she can better represent our interests. She also has information posted on her website. Give all of the aldermen feedback on this; how else will they know what you think of this plan.


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