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Monday, December 18, 2006

Be on the lookout! More Brookfield break-ins

Just this morning I heard of 2 more incidents: One from my area on Kinsey Park Drive. A neighbor's car, parked in the driveway in FRONT of the house, was rifled through. The car was inadvertently left unlocked. (You know how it is, you think you are coming back outside, and then don't.)

The other incident, an anonymous comment about Tis the season of BURGLARIES: The burlary issue continues to be a problem. Two homes on 165th St, south of Bluemound and one on Golf Parkway can be added to the statistics over this past week. Everyone needs to be vigilant, look out for your neighbors. Inform the police of any unusual things occurring around your area. We need to stop these thefts now! I should know because our house was added to this list over the last week!!

The police want to hear about any suspicious activity. Call 262-787-3700 (non-emergency), 911 (emergency).

The following is an alert I received from both Aldermen Jerry Mellone and Alderman Lisa Mellone:


There were three more break-ins Friday in the same areas as the one on Thursday (Rubywood subdivision located behind Brookfield Square). The burglars entered the homes by breaking in doors and windows with bricks etc. They also cut screens. Break-ins are occurring during daylight hours. These break-ins have not only happened in our neighborhood, but also throughout the city.

Please secure your valuables, fire arms, check books, credit cards, money etc. Turn lights on in front and back yards. Watch for strange vehicles (white vans in particular) driving through neighborhoods and parked in areas where they can observe our homes. If you are home during the day, watch activity in your area. BE VIGILANT! If you see anything suspicious, please report it to the police at once. Emergency dial 911. The non-emergency police number is 262-787-3700.

This notice is not to alarm you, but to empower you. Let’s work together to secure our neighborhoods.

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