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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Thanksgiving or Thanks-getting?

How ironic. On the day set aside to "Give Thanks", thousands of people interrupted their day of thanks to leave hearth and home to stand outside inline for another annual event: Black Friday!

I was relieved that my crew decided to forgo the late Thanksgiving Day sale at the local computer store. It would have meant leaving home at about 5pm! Why, dishes were not even done yet and we still had pies to eat! At least we enjoyed a full day of "thankfulness". (The store did not open until 9pm, but if you are going to go, you have to be in the first 50 in line to make it worth your while.)

The guys at my household held off from greedfest until technically the day after Thanksgiving for their annual Thanks-getting sales. They left the house at 12:30am, stood in line until 5am, and then shopped til they dropped at about 11am. Incidentally, they were NOT the first 50 in line. They found out the lucky first 50 had been in line since 5pm Thanksgiving day! Some of those early birds were SELLING their product vouchers for $50 apiece (rather like scalping tickets).

Another Thanksgiving irony is the debut of the Tur-duck-en. I did not know what this was until after Thanksgiving. Some Food Channel guru came up with the idea that you stuff a boned turkey with a boned duck, with a boned chicken. Yes, that is right. You stuff a bird with meat and more meat! Only in America I guess!

Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving.


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