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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Christmas & Grinch spirit lists

It seems other people found the omission of the word Christmas from all aspects of the Christmas season last year just as offensive as I did. Retailers and governmental entities must have thought they could just replace the word Christmas with Holiday and no one would notice? The Christmas omission led to the onslaught of slogans and phrases like: Happy Holidays, holiday tree lighting, holiday cookies, holiday gifts, holiday lights, holiday dinner, etc. One hospital listing the year's paid vacation days on their callendar designated Christmas as "December 25", yet named every other holiday!

But enough is enough; people are starting to fight back. The Catholic league boycotted Wal-mart last year because of the store’s anti Christmas greetings and advertising policy. Evidentially, Wal-mart felt the pinch last year and this year will again be using “Christmas” in their decorations, advertising, and customer greetings.

Two ordinary citizens in Massachusetts have started a group: Saving Christmas in Mass. The tide is starting to turn on Christmas vs. holiday because of ordinary people joining their voices (and wallets) together.

Here is my list of retailers etc. that I have heard or seen use Christmas in their advertising or decorating. Please feel free to share any I have missed.

The Christmas Spirit list:
City of Milwaukee ~ They are having a Christmas Tree Lighting
Brookfield Library ~ They are having a Traditions of Christmas presentation. This sounds interesting.
Macy's ~ Says they will use Christmas in their ads this year.
Target ~ Displays one "Merry Christmas" in a red cut out amid snowflakes in their store decorations.
K-mart ~ They used the slogan, "A Christmas to remember" in a TV ad.
Menards ~ Advertised "Christmas trees"

The Grinch list - stores etc. not using the word Christmas:
City of Brookfield ~ They had a City Tree Lighting (that is the wrong C-word!)
Best Buy ~ So far said they would not be using the word Christmas.
The GAP and Old Navy ~ They say they don't want to offend people by using the term, Christmas

I will try to update this list as I spot who is in the Christmas or the Grinch spirit. It wouldn't hurt to tell the various retailers your feelings on the subject too. And of course, you can always vote with your wallet. Now if you will excuse me, I have to go put up my Christmas Tree.

Link: Coalition to Save Christmas in Massachusettes Takes Action This site also had interesting Christmas information and fun facts


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