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Monday, December 18, 2006

Keep sending out those 4K emails, calls, and letters

Did you contact the school board? Did any of them reply? Contact them again!

I sent out an email to the entire school board via the feedback system, but I wonder if they all received it--I only heard back from one member. Andy Smith, the Community Relations & Marketing Director, seems to be busy replying to email though.

Consider calling each school board member or writing a letter. If writing, request a reply. I believe each member should know how much the cost is per student and how much the state will reimburse our district for each resident, open enrollment and 220 student. They should also know how implimenting 4K will affect the high school renovation plans. We have been told our high schools are a top priority, but now the board is diverting its attention and resources to expanding 4K. Why?


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