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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What a heartbreaker! Mayor breaks tie to move fire station #3

This is SO sad!

Tuesday night, 7, yes, 7 aldermen had the intelligence and independence of spirit to vote against moving fire station #3 to the worst possible location (my opinion), the north west corner of Calhoun and Greenfield. Trouble is, this split vote left the tie breaking vote to our mayor.

Since Mayor Speaker was the one who started this whole ball rolling, to cater to the night time residents (voters) rather than to the taxpayers, businesses and daytime population of our city, it was pretty predictable as to the way his vote would go. (It was a yes.)

I am glad there were 7 no votes though. This shows the council is breaking out of its former lock step mode and starting to think for themselves. Think of what just a few new faces on the council could do?

A big thank you to the 7 no votes: Sutton, Carnell, Reddin, Balzer, Jerry Mellone, Blackburn, and Lisa Mellone.

Sadly, our other district 7 alderman, Mike Franz, voted yes. Yes, to his own district 7 residents soon to have the longest EMS response times in the city. I sure hope someone is considering running for district 7 alderman next spring. We need someone who will represent US and our interests.

I was not able to attend the meeting, but Renee Lowerr was good enough to email out a short synopsis of the night's events. Thanks Renee.

She reported, "The meeting was well attended by mostly Greenfield Heights Residents.
Several residents spoke in opposition of Option #1. I believe that I was the only resident East of Calhoun that spoke about re-considering their FS move vote & rebuild at current location.

The meeting was very heated, very emotional, many ?s, comments...between the Council Members & staff."

She also added, "Four homes will be taken by eminent
domain. One on Greenfield Ave, one on Calhoun & two on Adelman Roads."


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