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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rubio, oh Rubio, wherefore art thou? Our country & state need one like you

Have you been following the Florida Senate race between Republican Governor Charlie Christ and Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio? For some time now, I have. If your are a conservative, it is very exciting. I first heard about Marco Rubio from my favorite national talk show host, Mark Levin, who describes Rubio as a solid conservative. (When Levin is in his quiet, serious mode, he is superb.)

I finally got to watch all of Marco Rubio's speech at CPAC and I have to agree--he is a solid conservative. Rubio believes that in the United States you can become anything you are willing to work hard to be. If he remains true to his conservative Tea Party roots, I would love to see him as President some day.

But for the present, he is challenging Gov. Crist for Senate. In case you don't remember, Gov. Charlie Crist gave John McCain the blessing during the primary and we pretty much have him to thank for pushing McCain onto the ballot, so to speak. Crist also supported for Obama's Stimulus bill before it was passed. Marco Rubio's rise in popularity shows that the conservative message resonates with voters. Rubio's poll numbers have grown from just 8% back in April 2009, to neck and neck in December, to taking the lead this year.

Although Rubio didn't get the network CPAC media hype that Ron Paul* and Glen Beck received (neither of which are consistent enough in their message for my taste) even non-conservatives are paying attention to Rubio.

See if you agree. Here is a sample of his speech that I transcribed:

"...The...thing people want are leaders that will come to Washington D.C. to stand up to this big government agenda; not be co-opted by it. After all, the U.S. Senate already has one Arlen Specter too many!

Americans do want leaders to come to Washington D.C. to get things done, but that comes with an important caveat: It depends what they are trying to do! If they are working to lower tax rates, simplify the tax code, they want us to work together. If they are working to get control of runaway debt and deficits, if they are working to defeat radical Islam and the threat it imposes, they want us to work together.

However if the goal is to abandon America's free enterprise economy, convert America into a submissive member of the international community, is not to fix America but to change America, then they want leaders who will fight it every step of the way.

Finally, voters are looking for leaders that will offer a clear alternative. This severe economic downturn is a perfect time to embrace and reinvigorate the free enterprise economy, not to abandon it. Jobs aren't created by politicians, they are created by people who are willing to use their money to start a business or expand an existing one. They are looking for clear signs from Washington that they are serious about pro growth policies, about controlling spending and ending the practice of monitizing our budget shortfalls." (Then some tough talk about dealing with terrorists.)

"Like those Americans that came before us, we rose to face the challenges of our time. Like those Americans who came before us we made the right choice, and because we did at least for one generation, the American miracle lived on."

Do watch the complete speech, it is worth your 26 minutes.

Wisconsin needs someone with a conservative message like Marco Rubio too, to challenge Democrat Senator Russ Feingold. Currently we have 2 men who have stepped up: David Westlake and Terrence Wall. Terrence Wall has been putting out emails and running some good radio commercials.

Some say Wall cannot win, but in a February 18th Rasmussen poll, Wall polls at 39% to Feingold's 47%. That gap was better than I anticipated considering no one knew who Wall or Westlake even were just a few months ago. (Westlake polls at 37%) The article states, "Any incumbent who attracts less than 50% support at this point in a campaign is considered potentially vulnerable. "

Interestingly, Tommy Thompson polls at 48% to Feingold's 43%. But Thompson, in my opinion, isn't a solid conservative. Like newly elected Scott Brown, he would be better than a democrat, but not a consistent conservative vote. Republicans are still waiting for someone else to step up to the plate. Time is growing short.

Marco Rubio said, "2010 is a referendum on the very identy of our nation." I couldn't agree more. I would add, so is 2012.

Which is it Russ?

*Ron Paul won the CPAC poll but this does not reflect Tea Party support but rather that Paul's supporters flock to CPAC

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