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Monday, October 18, 2010

For shame, Tom Barrett, Scott Walker SUPPORTS Stem Cell research!

We should be used to it by now, the misleading, or to put it politely, the pants on fire campaign ads that paint the opposing candidate as being heartless and against something as wholesome as Mom and Apple Pie.

In this case, it is Gubernatorial Democrat candidate Tom Barrett wearing the hot pants. He points the accusatory finger at his opponent Republican Scott Walker. The Mom and apple pie issue here is stem cell research.

Barrett's ad is intended to tug at your heart strings in hopes that you will make the leap that Scott Walker is heartless and against helping those in need because of his pro-life beliefs. The ad wants you to believe Walker is turning a deaf ear to the pleas of the featured mother, talking about her diabetic son and how embryonic stem cell research would help cure her son.

This ad was so outrageous in its claims that it prompted Gary Nosacek to write an outstanding piece in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Oct. 7th titled, The stem cell confusion. He states he is a "father, brother and nephew of diabetics, and the husband of a doctor, I'm really upset by this ad."

I also found out that Walker's own wife Tonette is "a type 1 diabetic" and she says, "I CAN PROMISE YOU, my husband is full of hope! Hope for me, hope for our family, and hope for Wisconsin!"

Tonette goes on to say, "Regardless of what Tom Barrett has said, Scott will NOT ban stem cell research. Scott supports adult stem cell research- research which science has shown to have the most promise to cure my disease and which does not destroy innocent human life. "

So what is going on here? Democrats support government funding for Embryonic Stem Cell research instead of Adult Stem Cell research. Why? Is it that Embryonic Stem Cells work and adult ones don't? NO.

In fact, Embryonic Stem Cell breakthroughs continue to be fraught with serious side effects such as tumor growth and rejection. They have shown very little positive results. There is not one cure confirmed to date.

Contrast that with Adult Stem Cell research and treatments, which have already helped 1,000s of people. Nosacek's points out that even with moral issues aside, the Embryonic Stem Cells are a waste of money.

He writes, "There are over 167 adult cell treatments and cures being used by doctors every day. There are more in clinical trials and in animal testing phases. As for embryonic cells, there is not one cure to be found. There are only two in human trials, but so far there are no results. As a rule, embryonic cells haven't done much of anything in any lab in the world other than promised to be promising someday in the distant future. Walker isn't against stem cell research. He's against spending millions on research that hasn't worked at the expense of what is working!"

He goes on to tell us that Adult Stem Cell research on diabetes was being carried out at Harvard but it has been a painstaking process because they couldn't get funding. All the government grants were going to Embryonic Stem Cell research. Finally funding came from "Lee Iacocca, who has a diabetic grandchild. Harvard is now in human trials. They are being bankrolled by anyone who wishes to contribute."

So why isn't the proven and more promising type of ADULT Stem Cell research being funded by Government grants? Because IF the Liberal, Pro-abortion advocates can get us all on board with using embryonic stem cells, we will have lost the pro-life, life begins at conception fight.

Just this month we learned there was a Baby Born From 20-Year-Old Frozen Embryo. This leaves little doubt that embryos, even ones frozen for 2 decades, aren't human. Here we have one born to a New York woman! Would she give up her son for stem cell research? Of course not. So why are we asked to accept that these humans be sacrificed for the sake of Leftist researchers?

This is nothing new here. In the 2008 presidential campaign Obama ads accused McCain of being against helping people through stem cell research, which was not true. Like McCain and his running mate Sarah Palin, Scott Walker and other Conservatives just favor life respecting ADULT Stem Cell research.

President Bush had to endure this criticism too with his position to not allow Federal funding to go toward Embryonic Stem Cell research. The Republicans were all Pro-Life.

I asked this question in 2008:

"What if I had a cure for Parkinson's, leukemia, diabetes, or paralysis caused by spinal cord injury? All you would have to do is take an infant, remove all of its stem cells (sorry, the infant dies), tweak the cells, and transfer them to the ill patient.

Would you do it?

Most people wouldn't and would consider that murderous act barbaric. Yet those who favor embryonic stem cell research are in effect doing just that in the eyes of those who are pro-life."

Thankfully, God in His mercy has not made us make that difficult decision, instead He has granted the pro-life Adult Stem Cell researchers favorable results. We do not need to make the choice between killing an embryo to help those with serious medical conditions or allowing their suffering to continue.

We have the best of both worlds in Adult Stem Cell research: cure without compromise. Yet Democrats like Tom Barrett stubbornly cling to the embryonic research that doesn't work and that violates the values of those of us who value life.

Vote your conscience.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is such a shady argument. Look at the truth: adult stem cells lack the flexibility (to become any cells, ie totipotent) that embryonic cells do.

I understand you believe life starts at a different point in the development process than I do, and I respect that.

But please do not paint democrats as solidly life hating people. Obviously, there are two sides to this story, and you need to consider that there may be other reasons to pursue stem cell research other than to push a "pro-choice" argument.

One can support stem cell research and not support elective abortions. Its possible.

10:34:00 PM  
Blogger KYLE PRAST said...

To that I would say, look at the FACTS about which strain of stem cells have produced cures (Adult) and which produce tumors and rejection!(Embryonic)

So with that in mind, why are Dems. pushing the stem cells that don't work but take a life?

Why do most Dems. push for abortion with little restriction?

Why would Dems. throw good money after bad results when Adult stems cells are producing good results?

Like I said, look at the facts.

11:32:00 PM  

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