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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Yikes! Must be a Parallel Universe: Libs favor Walker & Johnson?

Did we enter an Alternate Universe since last Thursday? Maybe Mirror Universe would be a more accurate way to describe 2 Madison publications, The Isthmus and Wisconsin State Journal, going CONSERVATIVE!

That's right, on Oct. 7th, The Isthmus, a very liberal Madison publication actually slammed Russ Feingold in "The case against Russ Feingold, His maverick image is backed only with bluster and cheap shots" and ended with "Three reasons to vote for Ron Johnson:"

1. "He doesn't need the job. We should vie for elected officials who have been successful out of office. In politics, not needing the job is the best qualification for having it.

2. "He's plainspoken. Johnson has run into some trouble on the campaign trail for speaking his mind. You know he'll tell you what he thinks, because it appears he can do nothing but.

3. "His boots are on the ground. Johnson has spent 20 years creating jobs in the private sector. Wisconsin needs that kind of résumé to turn its economy around."

Now to be fair, The Isthmus also ran "The case against Ron Johnson" on the same day, and titled the pair, "May the worst man win."

But what I find so amazing is that they were so honest in their criticism of their guy, Feingold. The whole article on Feingold is worth reading in its entirety.

The Wisconsin State Journal, not exactly a Conservative manifesto, published on Sunday, "Our endorsement: Scott Walker best for jobs in race for governor."

It began with, "Job creation and fixing the state's crippling budget mess must be the top priorities for Wisconsin's next governor," and went on to ask a number of questions asking did the Democrats/Doyle do this or that to fix the state budget, school finance reform, boost school performance, better tax structure, job growth, etc.? The answer to all those questions was, "Nope", and then went on to explain how bad things are in Wisconsin.

The conclusion? "This fall's decision is about jobs and the economy. Walker is the best choice for getting Wisconsin back on track financially and competing for more good-paying jobs."

Amazing. It too is a must read.

Now if the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel endorses Conservative Leah Vukmir over Liberal/Progressive Jim Sullivan, I might truly believe we have stepped through the looking glass.

H/T Vicki McKenna

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