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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Need a job? Try Brookfield's new ParkSide23 restaurant

While shopping at Angelina's Deli, my favorite Italian food store on this side of town, I noticed some construction workers across the street at the former Pilgrim Square.

Wow, something is finally going in at the vacant Sticks and Stones restaurant, just south of Dixon Elementary School, on North Avenue. There were also 2 big lime green HELP WANTED signs. I wonder what is going in there?

As I checked out at Angelina's, I asked the sales lady if she knew. She replied, Well, the workers who come in here say it is a new Eddie Martini's.

Oh, I said--a little puzzled, that is interesting since the Eddie Martini's isn't all that far from here.

Yes, but they are really doing well, she replied.


Hmm, no mention of Eddie's on the sign?

Once home, I Googled a bit and found that ParkSide 23 is indeed owned by the same parent company as Eddie's, the De Rosa Corporation. This is also the same company that owned the former Sticks & Stones restaurant, that has been empty for more than 3 years. (They also own The Chancery chain.)

That info was supplied by Carol Deptolla, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel food critic in an allbusiness piece, Casual eatery to open in Brookfield, Aug. 13, 2010.

Unlike Eddie Martini's, ParkSide23 will be casual. I read on to discover Brookfield's Common Council approved "plans that include outdoor seating for the restaurant, at 2300 Pilgrim Square Drive, and a garden to supply produce for the restaurant - a hint, perhaps, at the restaurant's format."

That all sounded good to me. Since my family is always looking for a good restaurant, maybe ParkSide23 will become our favorite Sunday lunch spot after church?

Eddie Martini's has a very good reputation, but dinner there is just too pricey for me. (I tend to lose my appetite once the entree price-tag goes above $20--even for a special occasion.) Hopefully ParkSide23 will offer excellent food at a more affordable price. I wish them well and much success to you too if you are applying for a job!

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