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Friday, November 12, 2010

Video of rescued baby hummingbird has to make you smile!

If you need a lift today, watch this enchanting home video of a young man and baby hummingbird that survived an attack. It will make you smile. The song playing in the background is "Better Together".

Hummingbirds are remarkable little animals. I always enjoy watching them when they visit my flower garden at home. Maybe my fascination is genetic? My dad used to spend hours watching and filming hummingbirds when my parents went camping.

When my husband and I camped at Wyalusing State Park in 2009 (near the Mississippi and Wisconsin Rivers in Wisconsin), we enjoyed watching the hummers swarm around the flowers and feeders at the ranger station. But their group of hummingbird diners can't compare with the number of hummers in the following video.

This video is of people hand feeding the birds in Alaska at the Saltery Lodge.

The link also contains some facts about hummingbirds and tips on feeding them.

So if you like hummingbirds as much as I do, start planning your hummingbird feeding station for next year! Since I don't like to mess with the feeders, my strategy is to provide flowers they like to feed on such as Bee-balm and Phlox. (If they are hungry enough, they don't seem too fussy; I saw them drink from the blossoms of Lambs Ears.)

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