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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

UPDATE: What a whopper! "Jim Sullivan supports law enforcement, Vukmir does not" Unbelievable

Talk about outrageous claims:
"Jim Sullivan supports law enforcement,
Leah Vukmir does not

But there it was, big as life, on the LED changeable billboard sign at Hwy 100 and Bluemound Road.

Did I read that right?

I saw the flashing sign last week but wasn't sure it really said what I thought it said. It just didn't ring true.

Plus, I couldn't read who paid for it. Was it from the Sullivan campaign or another group?

So I checked it out. Last night I managed to snap this picture. The disclaimer reads Paid for by Wisconsin Professional Police Association.

Who is the Wisconsin Professional Police Association? It is a Madison based group that also endorsed other Democrats such as Russ Feingold and Tom Barrett*.

So does Jim Sullivan also have the support of most of the police associations in his district?

No, but his opponent Representative Leah Vukmir does!

Leah Vukmir has been endorsed
by the Milwaukee, West Milwaukee, and Brookfield Police Associations. She is also endorsed by JB Van Hollen and recently received the Wisconsin Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs Association endorsement as well. Sullivan only has the West Allis Police endorsement from within his district.

So this is a perfect example of you can't believe everything you read, not even if it is in HUGE text flashing at you as you drive by.

UPDATE: Leah Vukmir Earned the Endorsement of Milwaukee Firefighters today: "

“My opponent continues to run a negative campaign falsely claiming I will cut local fire and police,” stated Vukmir. “Clearly these claims are untrue, as my solid record of keeping our families and community safe is reflected by the strong support I’ve received from local police and fire.”

*Surprisingly, the Wisconsin Professional Police Association also endorsed Republican JB Van Hollen for Attorney General.

What do we make of that? A look at Scott Hassett, the Democrat running against JB, might give some insight: (My emphasis)

"With roughly six weeks left before the general election, the Wisconsin State Board of Bar Examiners, the state agency that evaluates attorneys, has told Hassett, the Democratic nominee for State Attorney General, that he lacks the necessary credits to practice law within the state. For five years starting in 2004, Hassett's law license was placed on inactive status as he focused his attention on his duties as Secretary of the State Department of Natural Resources. He had "sent the board a letter saying he had completed the 30 credit hours of continuing legal education he thought he needed to regain active status" in July 2009. [3] Two months earlier, however, an amendment was passed that required "anyone who was inactive for two or more years to obtain 60 credits, not 30, to regain active status." [3] In spite of this, the board cleared Hassett to reinstate his active status as a lawyer within the state. While state law does argue that the state attorney general must hold a law license, it does reflect badly in the eyes of voters.

Ultimately, the State Board decided "to allow attorney general candidate Scott Hassett and several other attorneys to continue to actively practice law, even though they lack the required number of continuing legal education hours." [4]"

Leah Vukmir for State Senate

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