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Friday, March 04, 2011

"Hippie" Days are here again in Madison

Last April, I was privileged to visit my representatives after the April 15th Tea Party rally in Madison. It was my first time at our State Capitol (inside or out), and I was impressed by the artistry--its classic design, stonework, woodwork, sculpture, gilding, and murals.

Now to hear about the $7.5 million dollars* worth of damage from protesters taping protest signs on the Mankato limestone walls and marble trim, and to the floors from camping out, is heartbreaking. Marble and limestone are considered to be soft, porous stone, easily damaged by acids (spilled Coke is very acidic), staining, and glues. No wonder they have a "NO TAPING ON THE MARBLE" rule!

Take a look at the damage. (About half way through the news story.)

The photos and reports coming out of Madison reminded me of the Hippie days back when I was in college. It is one thing to make a shlook out of a field in Woodstock, for example, but in our state capitol?

Contrast Madison 2011 with these last 2 pictures taken after the 2010 Tea Party rally.

Neat as a pin.

Yes, we have the right to assemble and to free speech, but can we please show some respect?

*Early estimates were $7.5 million. Now it seems the dollar amount might not be as much.

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