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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Tommy Thompson, Wisconsin & all of U.S. need you to stop Obamacare

It may sound dramatic, but it is true: America must have a Republican majority in the U.S. Senate, if we have any hope of repealing ObamaCare, reducing the size of government, and just plain getting anything done in Washington D.C. Though I supported another candidate in the primary, I wholeheartedly support Wisconsin's Tommy Thompson for U.S. Senate now. Most importantly, Thompson is a social conservative: pro-life, pro traditional marriage, and pro family. He has a record of being able to get things done, even with a Democrat controlled legislature.

In addition, Thompson pledged to be the "51st vote" to repeal "ObamaCare," something the majority of Americans consider to be a #1 priority. From his website: "The law isn’t even close to being fully implemented, but its flaws are already so clearly obvious and the threat to our economy so real that we must start completely over."

The economic threat Thompson referred to is the $716 billion Obama removed from Medicare to pay for ObamaCare, the $800+ billion in new ObamaCare taxes that will kick in on Jan. 1 2013, our rising insurance premiums to cover all the people included in ObamaCare, and my personal favorite, the IRS' latest intrusion coming into your life (and wallet) by adding a new tax form. It will require you to report what qualifying insurance plan you have, or pay the penalty tax--2.5% of adjusted gross income--for not being insured. (That is the fine; it doesn't purchase insurance!)

And Gov. Tommy Thompson's opponent? That would be Madison's extreme liberal, Democrat Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin, a self-identified lesbian, favoring gay marriage and abortion on demand up until birth. She ranks so far to the left, Thompson quips, "Nancy Pelosi has to turn left to talk to her," and that isn't just campaign speak. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported, Baldwin's voting record places her among top liberals: Baldwin scored 19th most liberal; Pelosi was the 43rd most liberal.

The Journal also stated, "Baldwin voted in favor of... No Child Left Behind; the $787 billion stimulus bill (now estimated to cost $831 billion); and was a backer of the Affordable Care Act [ObamaCare]" She was so liberal, though she voted for ObamaCare, she didn't think it went far enough--Baldwin really wanted "a single-payer system" a government takeover of our healthcare system that would pay for all healthcare costs.

During her 14 years in Congress, she voted against the Bush tax cuts, which means, she was in favor of raising taxes on the middle class, which is most of us. Baldwin also voted against "tougher sanctions against Iran four times" before she became a U.S. Senate candidate. Now that she is running for Senate, she voted 2 times in favor. Uh-huh.

"What about the claim that Baldwin has accomplished little as a legislator?" Well, the Journal mentioned she renamed a post office, expanded screenings for breast and cervical cancer and also helped visually impaired veterans get disability benefits in 2007. Last year, she introduced the Safe Cosmetics Act, a law that if enacted would put small personal care/cosmetic companies and beauty salons out of business. 
And it is on her lack of accomplishment that her own district's paper, Madison's Wisconsin State Journal endorsed Tommy Thompson! Amazing. They wrote:"Tommy Thompson has a long record of getting things done, often through compromise.His likeable but very liberal opponent, Tammy Baldwin, does not. ...Thompson still shows promise as a leader who will demand action [such as fixing "America's fiscal mess" and "jobs"] in Washington, rather than sticking to partisan games."
The LaCrosse Tribune, a pretty liberal area of the state, also endorses Tommy: Our view: Thompson best choice for Senate  It's clear, they admire Baldwin's passion but support Thompson because "[he] runs on a rich record of accomplishment in leading our state during a period when the governor and Legislature were on different sides of the political fence for 12½ of those 14 years. ...We think that ability is needed in Washington, too."
The Beloit Daily News echos the same sentiments in Thompson for US Senate: "Thompson has a proven track record as a deal-maker and problem-solver. Considering the magnitude of the issues facing the nation, and the get-nothing-done partisanship which has hogtied Congress, we believe Washington could use someone who knows how to get to the handshake." And there are others.
And so it seems, in light of the dire straits we find our nation in, even liberals see the need for common sense measures. We really must start addressing and solving some of our country's problems. Tommy Thompson is the man to do just that. 
Sadly, Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has stated he will not work with President Romney, should he win, and so, the gridlock in Washington will continue unless Republicans gain a majority in the Senate.
This is why Sen.Jim DeMint recently wrote: Why is electing conservatives to the U.S. Senate so important? "Without a conservative Senate, we won't repeal Obamacare... won't balance the budget.... won't secure our borders... we won't stop the bailouts... we won't enact the pro-growth policies needed to get America back to work."

I would add we won't be able to appoint Supreme Court Justices who favor judicial restraint or achieve energy independence by drilling here.

So you see, much is at stake here. We cannot do anything about the out of state senate races except donate to their cause, but in state, we can vote for Tommy Thompson for US Senate and the Mitt Romney / Paul Ryan ticket, 2 races even Madison's Wisconsin State Journal supports: Wisconsin State Journal Flips for Romney 

Side note: Don't forget your Republican Congressmen. If you live in Paul Ryan's Congressional District 1, you vote for him there as well. In Tammy Baldwin's District 2, vote for Chad Lee, a Republican businessman.

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