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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Teno Groppi presents 'Defending the Truth of Genesis', Saturday, Oct. 25, 2014

Teno Groppi to explore

“Evolution or Creation – Which Requires More Faith?”

Whether a person believes the theory of evolution or the account of special creation recorded in the Bible is the best explanation of how the universe and life on earth came into being, each view requires faith.  

Oshkosh Creation Science speaker Teno Groppi will present four different but related topics at an upcoming seminar that will help answer the question of which view requires more faith?  Seminar topics are:

1.    Fresh Fossils – Recent findings of soft-tissue, blood cells, and DNA in dinosaur remains indicate they could not have lived 65 million years ago as evolutionists claim. But could those soft tissues have survived intact for a few thousand years? This session includes new findings of liquid wooly mammoth blood, mosquito blood, and actual dinosaur skin—also demonstrating that dinosaurs and mammoths lived in more recent times.  

2.    Creationary Predictions – In this session, Teno thoroughly challenges the claim that Bill Nye and other evolutionists make that “creationists don’t make scientific predictions.” Teno will cover a range of creationist predictions such as Dr. Humphrey’s magnetic decay prediction of planets to predicting the increase in mutation rates of human genes.

3.    98% Chimp? – Ever hear that our DNA is 98% like the DNA of an ape? Teno will totally refute that claim in this session by discussing the differences between apes and humans. He will also take a humorous look at some other organisms that have similar DNA.

4.    And God said… and it was so! – Teno combines the biblical account of creation with further scientific and archaeological findings to illustrate every detail of every account of the Bible is trustworthy.  Teno also asks, what does a person gain to believe in origins via evolution rather than origins as explained in the Bible?

Teno Groppi has been speaking on the subject of defending the truth and scientific accuracy of the Bible on a part-time basis for over 15 years. He has brought his creation lessons to churches, creation groups, universities and other forums in Wisconsin, across the United States and in three foreign countries as well.  He also runs the Genesis Evidence Ministry ( 

Teno has an A.A. in computer science and 2 and 3 year certificates from Wyldewood Baptist Bible Institute.  Last year he began speaking on biblical creation on a full-time basis.

Sponsored by the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee, the four session seminar is slated for Saturday, October 25, 2014, 10 AM to 3 PM at Tri-County Baptist Church located at 8040 S. 100th Street (Hwy 100), Franklin, WI. 

The seminars are free and open to the public and can be attended individually. Creation Science Literature and DVDs will be available for sale. Teno Groppi’s large collection of fossils, castings and artifacts will also be on display.


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