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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The community spoke; 4 on the school board ignored (+ Correction)

I am disgusted by the Elmbrook board’s approval for expanding 4-K. The community appealed to them with a tremendous outcry of don't do it, but Sylla, Ziegler, Ford, and Schwei voted yes anyway. Whatever shred of good will they had created with the community since the Swanson Swap, I believe was just destroyed. The 4-K program will not stay within that *$97/year tax range. It cannot. It will be a needless burden to the Elmbrook taxpayers, compromising other real, needed programs. (*Correction: The per year figure is estimated at $67 not $97/year, although the $97 I stated is probably closer to the truth, when all is said and done!)

One only needs to look at the facility space, or lack of it, to know 4-K will lead us in the direction of more building referendums. If you don’t have the room to start the project now, in an era of lower enrollments, how does the district think this can possibly work when enrollments rise again? (Kindergarten space is not interchangeable with regular classroom space--it is some of the most expensive classroom space in an elementary school. Kindergarten classrooms are larger and have self contained restrooms.)

Cheri Sylla did tell me that the district could always drastically limit the open enrollment students, as Mequon (?) recently did, to control the size of the program and upper grade class sizes. I doubt that will ever happen though, it never has so far. Elmbrook’s policy to date is: once enrolled in the Elmbrook system, always enrolled—until graduation.

Oh, that is right; we can contract with the private sector to house these 4-K students. What a great idea! Why, we never need to build another school ever again! All we need to do is contract with the private sector for needed classroom space. This could be the answer to our facility needs at the high school level too. No need to build those $100 million schools, just rent some of that vacant retail or office space that abounds in Brookfield.

My next blog: Why does remodeling cost the same as building new? I will try not to be sarcastic.

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