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Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Silver Star

Technician Fifth Grade Kingmann K. Knapp, Medical Detachment, United States Army.

For gallantry in action against the enemy near -censored-, France, 26 July 1944.

While working with Troop "A" making a dismounted attack supported by light tanks across strongly defended hedgerows near -censored- France, 26 July 1944, Technican Fifth Grade Knapp, a medical aid man, crawled across an open field under heavy enemy fire in an unsusessful attempt to rescue the crew of a disabled tank before it began to burn.

When the tank burst into flames just as he reached it, Technician Fifth Grade Knapp returned across the field to the troop positions where he resumed his work.

Later he again crossed an open field to administer first aid to one of his comrades whom he had seen hit by enemy fire. Throughout a ten-hour period of intense combat, Technician Fifth Grade Knapp performed his duties without regard for personal safety. His coolness, courage and devotion to duty resulted in teh successful evacuation of may wounded soldiers, and set an inspiring example for all who saw him work.

Such gallantry in action reflects great credit upon Technician Fifth Grade Knapp and upon the traditions of the United States Army. Entered military service from: Milwaukee Wisconsin.

(Kingmann Knapp was my uncle.)


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