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Friday, January 11, 2008

How about merit pay for aldermen?

Recently, Brookfield's human resource committee voted 3-1 in favor of a 1% pay raise for aldermen. Gary Mahkorn, Bob Reddin, and Jim Garvens voted in favor; Mike Franz voted against.

Wouldn't it be great if we could pay our aldermen based on merit instead of a one pay fits all criteria?

For some aldermen, I have no objections to them getting a bit more compensation for their services. I live in the 7th district and since Lisa Mellone replaced Tom Schellinger in 2006, we finally have an active voice at City Hall and someone down here who will look into and act on a problem. Lisa devotes a lot of time and effort toward being an alderman. So in my opinion, since a workman is worthy of his hire, more money would be OK for someone like her. A few other hard working aldermen come to mind: Jerry Mellone, Chris Blackburn, Dan Sutton, and Bill Carnell. There may be others--each district's constituents usually know who their "go to guy" is.

There are other aldermen however, who don't do much of anything, except come to the meetings and vote. Many don't even bother to read through their packets of information! Wouldn't you love to see them get a pay cut?

Actually, I think the pay rate right now is about right for the time they are supposed to devote toward the job. Bob Reddin summed it up pretty well, " 'Most of us consider this a public contribution,' Reddin said. 'Let's face it, if I wanted a part-time job that pays $9,000 a year, I'd go down to Home Depot and have a lot fewer headaches.' "

Since Scott Berg and Steve Ponto are running unopposed, obviously the aldermen pay amount is not so lucrative that people are lining up to run.

Too bad merit pay for aldermen would only happen in a perfect world.


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