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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kinsey Park pier project completed!

When I returned to the park the next day (July 18), I was pleasantly surprised to find the pier finished!

Either the workmen stayed late Thursday, or came very early Friday.

The pier is finished. I think it is more of a deck, however, than a pier.

I think of a pier as something near the water--like at a lake cottage. This "pier" probably had to pass all sorts of safety codes and ADA standards, thus, we got a deck.

Time will tell it the children find it useful for fishing. I suspect they will still be down at the water's edge netting their frogs and fish because the height and railing on the pier won't allow them to do so from up there.

Today, there is yet anther park spruce-up project under way. This one courtesy of Boy Scout Troop 55. The Scouts will be painting the interior of the shelter*.

The perennial flower plantings by Kinsey's sign were a result of an area Eagle Scout project.

Hope you are enjoying your summer!

*Did you know that the shelter used to be the warming house? Yup, back in the days when they allowed ice skating on the pond, they used the shelter as a warming house. The openings were closed up and they even had natural gas heat.

PS Anyone lose a single key while walking on Kinsey Park Drive? email me if you did.

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