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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Where's Ponto?

Brookfield's mayoral primary election is fast approaching on February 16th.

I spotted my first Marcello for Mayor sign mid December?

Marcello also had a color ad in the Waukesha Freeman freebie paper last week.

The large red Speaker for Mayor signs went up after Christmas.

But where-o-where are the Ponto signs?

They may be out there but I haven't spotted one yet. Have you?

I would hate to have Steve Ponto play it so laid back that he misses the boat.

I am rather surprised not to have seen a Schellinger sign yet, since I know he has them! (Remember, Shame on you Schellinger?)*

BrookfieldNOW: Four vying for mayor's post in first heat of race
Fairly Conservative: About Brookfield's mayoral race

*Sorry that Wacker Surprise link doesn't work. You may find the essence of Wacker surprise at Mayoral Candidate invited 3 tiems to join in, but declines... and Mayoral Q&A a SUCCESS and a SURPRISE!

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