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Thursday, April 08, 2010

There Ain't No Such Thing As Free ObamaCare either

Remember the polls on ObamaCare? Numbers opposed ranged from around 47% last summer to 57% in December. Those supporting ObamaCare stayed around 35%. The results varied depending on how the question was worded and who was sampled. Those of us who value our freedom of choice and keeping the government out of our medical care kept asking ourselves, who are these people who want ObamaCare?

Well, now that ObamaCare passed, we find out why the support numbers were so high: Some people thought ObamaCare was FREE!

Yes, it is true, Health care overhaul spawns mass confusion for public: (My emphasis throughout) "Two weeks after President Barack Obama signed the big health care overhaul into law, Americans are struggling to understand how — and when — the sweeping measure will affect them.

Questions reflecting confusion have flooded insurance companies, doctors' offices, human resources departments and business groups.

'They're saying, 'Where do we get the free Obama care, and how do I sign up for that?' ' said Carrie McLean, a licensed agent for The California-based company sells coverage from 185 health insurance carriers in 50 states."

That question reminds me of those people who lined up last October in Detroit to get them some of that free Obama Money.

Obviously, ObamaCare won't be free--at least not for the working taxpayers. It was never touted as being free...if you were paying attention. Remember the fines and possible jail sentences for non compliance? How about the IRS tapping your tax refund to pay for it if you didn't?

McLean of eHealth. said, "We tell them it's not free, that there are going to be things in place that help people who are low-income, but that ultimately most of that is not going to be taking place until 2014."

Our President is spending our country into insolvency, yet his poll numbers remain higher than I would have thought possible. Coincidentally, I guess when you are getting a free ride, why would you not approve of your benefactor?

"Unfortunately, nothing in the bill constitutes a free lunch."

We MUST repeal ObamaCare and replace it with real health care reform before it is too late. Just like TANSTAAFL: There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch, with ObamaCare, we have TANSTAFO: There Aint No Such Thing As Free ObamaCare--at least not for us working stiffs.

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More reading: Callers flood ehealthinsurance asking "Where's My Free Obama Care? "In 2014, everyone will be required to purchase health insurance, and states will have exchanges in place so people can compare and buy plans. People who are purchasing insurance on their own who do not earn more than 400 percent of the poverty level (that's about $44,000 for individuals and $88,000 for a family of four in 2009) will be eligible to receive subsidies to help them pay for coverage. " How will we afford this?

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