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Friday, August 26, 2011

Come back, Lisa Mellone, District 7 needs you!

I have lived in District 7 of Brookfield since 1986. In that time, we have had several aldermen serving our area, perhaps our most notable has been Tom Schellinger. None of these aldermen, however, was of the caliber of Alderman Lisa Mellone, who won in 2006 against incumbent Tom Schellinger.

Lisa Mellone elevated the job of alderman from one of just referring you to the right phone number to call to resolve your problem (which is why one neighbor dubbed Schellinger as Mr. Rolodex), to actually looking into the problem herself. Mellone keeps the district informed via emails and neighborhood/district meetings. That said, it is not too surprising that I would like to have her back* at City Hall serving our district!

My other half and I were musing the other day if our perennial candidate, Mr. Schellinger, would be applying for his old job as alderman. Somehow, I had hoped his position on the Waukesha County Board would have been enough for him. I was wrong, and I should have known better since he once ran for 3 races at one time! As of Wednesday of this week, Schellinger was the only one who had applied for Lisa's vacancy. In checking again today, I found another man has also applied. (I didn't recognize his name.)

But whether 1 or 10 apply, I would still like to see Lisa Mellone back. Her strong work ethic, business degree and paralegal training enables her to serve our district well.

So, Lisa, please apply!

*For those of you who don't know...When City Clerk Kris Schmidt announced she was resigning, Lisa had an interest in applying for that full time position. (Lisa would have made an excellent City Clerk, by the way. Her natural bent toward dotting i's and crossing t's and analytical style, coupled with her knowledge of the nuts and bolts of the workings of Brookfield, would have suited her well to the position.) Waukesha County D.A. Brad Schimel told her she would have to resign as alderman, however, just to apply for the job. She wasn't chosen as a finalist for City Clerk. It seems a shame that someone has to resign just to apply for a job.

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"...since Lisa Mellone replaced Tom Schellinger in 2006, we finally have an active voice at City Hall and someone down here who will look into and act on a problem. Lisa devotes a lot of time and effort toward being an alderman."

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